Lacol Khaoyai – A Chatrium Collection, guests can indulge inultimate relaxation with an array of diverse facilities. Enjoy ourserene swimming pool, rejuvenate at Varin Wellness & Spa, andsavor exquisite catering services, all tailored to enhance your stay.

Swimming Pool

Unwind with a soothing swim in our inviting outdoorpool, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty ofmountainous lush landscapes.

Open Daily : 08.00 – 20.00 hrs.

Varin Wellness Spa

Varin Wellness & Spa

Embark on a premium rejuvenation journey amidsta serene natural setting. At Varin Wellness Khao Yai,immerse yourself in pure bliss with our signaturetreatments, including japanese style onsen, saltroom, and aqua beds-exclusively available here.Complete your vacation with an unparalleledexperience at Varin Wellness Khao Yai.

Open Daily: 10.00 – 19.00 hrs.


Catering Service

Immerse yourself in the lively ambiance of ourmodernly designed catering service, offering adelightful array of international delicacies and Thaicuisine. From decorations to live bands and eventorganizing, we provide full services to make yourspecial moments truly memorable.


Embark on a cinematic journey under the winter skyat our hotel’s outdoor movie cinema. Immerseyourself in the seasonal charm as you enjoy filmsamidst the natural park ambiance, an exclusive treatduring this time of year.


At Lacol Khaoyai, we believe in the importance of reducing our environmental impact. By offering on-site EV charging, we help minimize carbon emissions and promote green travel. Our dedication to eco-friendly practices is reflected in this new facility, making it easier for guests to choose environmentally responsible options during their stay.